Know-how at the intersection of economics, finance, and data science.

Our Services


Banking & Financial SErvices Consulting

Industry consolidation, changes in financial markets, and regulatory developments have made success in financial services ever more dependent on modeling and analytics capabilities. We have worked as an expert analyst and change agent for commercial banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, investment advisors, private equity funds, venture capital funds, and providers of clearing and settlement services. We make a difference by leveraging a deep quantitative toolkit, including pricing and market risk model development, credit risk modeling, liquidity modeling, and portfolio/capital analytics. In addition we bring experience in all major asset classes, including public and private equity, fixed income, commodities, derivatives, structured products, and real estate.

Financial Engineering

There is an art to extracting useful information from financial markets about prices, risks, and expectations. As practitioners of this art, we have built models to price financial instruments in every major asset class. We have measured and managed market, credit, prepayment, and liquidity risk at the micro and macro level. Whether the task is to build a model, create context for a data science or business optimization investigation, or to engage the financial engineering teams in a banking or financial services setting, our fluency in the art of financial engineering helps us to provide superior outcomes to our clients.

Data Science

The emergence of data science promises to transform every industry and turn every company into a technology firm. Yet building, maintaining, and embedding an effective data science operation presents a variety of unique challenges for each business. Whether your goal is to improve an internal data science operation or to seek external support and validation, we offer a command of the latest data science techniques, from machine learning to neural networks to natural language processing. Our background in economics lends a unique perspective as well, drawing on decades of results that grapple with the subtleties of market data and model construction.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

As companies adapt to the shifting sands of competition, opportunities abound to grow through mergers and acquisitions, to split up and spin off business segments to achieve greater focus, and on occasion to bargain with creditors to reposition the business financially. We have worked with executive  leadership, corporate law firms, and investment bankers in multiple large transactions, analyzing deal valuations, credit capacity, conflicts among security holders, and post-transaction disputes. Our financial, economic, legal, and operation experience allows us to offer a distinctive perspective.

Business Optimization

In many ways the techniques of business optimization developed in the fields of operations research and management science are the natural complement to a vital data science operation. Once an organization has learned all it can about its customers, its markets, and the business environment, the next step is to align pricing, marketing, production, inventory, finance, and logistics to the data and to each other. As quantitative economists we offer a holistic, data-driven approach to business optimization, drawing on insights about market definition, demand modeling, competition, and strategic interactions.

Litigation consulting

Our activity in the market as advisors and practitioners affords an uncommon degree of independence and objectivity. We have worked for plaintiff and defense counsel in securities, commodities, labor, antitrust, and complex commercial disputes. In the banking and financial services sector we have been an expert analyst of lending, trading, investing, risk management, and securitization operations. We have drawn on our expertise in corporate finance and restructuring for disputes about fairness and material adverse change in mergers, as well as fraudulent transfers and preference payments in bankruptcy disputes. Financial modeling, econometrics, data science, and financial engineering inform  our perspective.