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ndogenous is a strategy firm that marries deep technical expertise in economics, finance, and data science with the ability to solve pressing business problems in a collaborative setting. We are built to close the gaps between engagement design, subject matter expertise, and program execution that bedevil larger strategy firms. We believe better solutions and clearer plans for delivery flow from industry and technical expertise, and are less often generated by the sales-oriented environments of large consultancies. 

Economics is at the center of everything we do. Recognizing the interconnectedness of markets and market data -- the equilibrium view of economics -- places business models, processes, and analytics into a powerful context. In our data science work, for example, we draw on a body of econometric techniques developed over decades that account for economic connections, in contrast to the more ad hoc frameworks favored by analytics and machine learning practitioners. Economic intuition allows us to be creative in corporate finance and restructuring settings, and to imagine alternative outcomes when constructing damage estimates in litigation.

We are also "quants" who insist that our views and conclusions be grounded in data. We believe expertise is a quality that must be demonstrated and earned again and again, rather than asserted. We seek to build durable, repeatable solutions. At the same time, we remain modest about our conclusions and seek to understand their limitations -- also with the aid of data.




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Banking & Financial Services

We have worked as an expert analyst and change agent for commercial banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, investment advisors, private equity funds, venture capital funds, and providers of clearing and settlement services to navigate developments in markets, competition, and regulation.

financial engineering

We offer advanced modeling capabilities for financial instrument valuation and risk management. Our experience has spanned all major asset classes, from equities and fixed income to derivatives and structured products.


Data Science

Whether your goal is to improve an internal data science operation or to seek external support and validation, we offer a command of the latest data science techniques, from econometrics and machine learning to neural networks to natural language processing.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

We have worked with executive leadership, law firms, and investment bankers in multiple large transactions, analyzing deal valuations, credit capacity, conflicts among security holders, and post-transaction disputes.

Business Optimization

Align pricing, marketing, production, inventory, finance, and logistics to the data and to each other. As quantitative economists we offer a holistic, data-driven approach to business optimization, drawing on insights about market definition, demand modeling, competition, and strategic interactions.


We draw on our industry and practitioner perspectives to provide expert analysis of liability, causation, and damages for securities, complex commercial, antitrust, corporate finance and valuation disputes.



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